Tuesday 28 May 2013

Not just science or religion - Accepting Uncertainty

There is no need for science to be fundamentalist any more than there is a need for religions to be fundamentalist. Fundamentalism springs from a desire for certainty, but many religious people and many scientists know that this cannot be achieved by beings with limited minds and experience such as ourselves.

- Rupert Sheldrake, "A Question of Faith"

Received as Daily Dharma from Tricycle.com on the 20th of May 2013


It's not just about science or religion either - it is easy to find that our everyday views and opinions ossify in our desire for certainty. And with this we become more rigid and less supple, less flexible. If we continue in this way without stepping back to reflect and to soften ourselves periodically, life becomes more difficult and vexatious - for ourselves and for those we interact with!