Saturday, 17 January 2009

Ten Diseases of Meditation Practice

1. Entertaining thoughts of "is" or "is not."

2. Thinking Zhaozhou said "no" because in reality there is just nothing.

3. Resorting to principles or theories.

4. Trying to resolve the hwadu (koan) as an object of intellectual inquiry.

5. When the master raises his eyebrows or blinks his eyes taking such things as indicators regarding the meaning of dharma.

6. Regarding the skilful use of words as a means to express the truth.

7. Regarding a state of vacuity and ease for realization of truth.

8. Taking the place where you become aware of sense objects to be the mind.

9. Relying upon words quoted from the teachings.

10. Remaining in a deluded state waiting for enlightenment to happen.

Edited from: Larkin, Geri. First You Shave Your Head. Berkeley, Celestial Arts, 2001, pp. 67.


Puerhan said...

This list isn't referenced to an author or publication in the above book - if anyone knows the origin of this list, please post a comment and/or link!

dochong, jdpsn said...

I will ask P'arang (Geri Larkin) and ask her if she got it from Samu Sunim or perhaps some other source and will let you know what she says. thanks for the post.

Puerhan said...

Brilliant! Thanks Dochong JDPSN. Please pass on my deep appreciation to her for writing and sharing her journeys when you speak to her. I've also got a copy of her book "Stumbling Towards Enlightenment" on the way to me now.
Many thanks!

dochong, jdpsn said...

Here is what P'arang responded:

"About the quote. It was in First You Shave Your Head (I just checked.
) and is pretty verbatim. I wish I could give you a source but when I copied the teaching down it was during a pilgrimage (in 1999) through Korea and for my own use. Each point hit me between the eyes because I was pretty much caught in everything that was being discouraged. Sigh."
"It never occurred to me that I'd end up using it some day. Here's what I remember: that I found it in a book in a book loving monk's room (probably in Seoul) and that it was in English. I am guessing that someone at Chogye headquarters will recognize it and be able to tell you where it is from. I'm afraid that's about the best I can do."

Alice said...

Thank you for the post! And really interesting story that's being uncovered here. Would love to know where it ends up tracking back to.

First time at this blog...I found it from a link from your eponymous blog. Glad I did. And even more grateful to see that you have linked to me.

Thank You! I'll be making my way more often. Great content!